Friday, November 19, 2010

This could be the biggest telecom scam in India.

Case Study – My uncle bought a phone 4/5 years ago which has a SIM of Reliance, for the past 4/5 years every month on 18th 30 INR is deducted from his balance and he is unable to know what happen as he had made no calls anywhere, yesterday we made a enquiry from the Customer Care Support and the Customer  Care Executive answered that a Marathi pack has been activated on my uncles SIM as my Uncle is Bengali and he has no connection to Marathi and he has never subscribed to any such pack and it was activated by the company automatically.
Now I come to the point where the scam takes place, a SMS pack is activated and a amount is deducted from the balance if a customer or consumer is aware he calls the Customer Care Support and requests for a deactivation of the SMS and the SMS pack is deactivated but the money deducted from the balance of the phone is not returned back. Among the Indian population many people are unaware that some or the other SMS pack has been activated on their phone and every month that money is getting deducted, where does that deducted money go as this money is being collected somewhere and getting used, think a large population losing every month a certain amount from their balance a amount which may reach a limit of lack’s and corers of INR, the people of India being robbed from their hard urned   money in front of their eyes. The telecom industry does not provide any detailed information with regard to such kind of cases.
Where the hell this collected money is used the question arises, who uses it because it is being collected by every telecom company offering mobile services. The Government has to check this kind of scams.
The telecom industry is making a sea from drops which is the unaccounted money collected from the people of this country who are unaware that they are being robbed by their service provider by offering them unnecessary services. I demand a investigation on this matter.

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