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Fwd: [India-Redefined] In the memory of victims of 26th November

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Subject: [India-Redefined] In the memory of victims of 26th November

Today 26/ 11 is the day when few handful of terrorists spread terror across the country,especially Mumbai. Hope such attack never happens again in India. Let us give thought to those who fought bravely against terrorism . Lets pay homage to those who died on this black day. Also let us vow to stay united as Indians. 
Let us all we move from the state of APATHY to SYMPATHY and finally graduate to EMPATHY. Every Indian's pleasures and sorrows become our pleasures and sorrows, when anyone of us is humiliated we feel ourselves humiliated, their aspirations become our aspirations and their failures our failures What we really require is the refinement of our basic sensitivity and expansion of our self which is normally limited to our near and dear ones. With this expansions we begin to identify ourselves with Nature in all its manifestations, humanity at large. Then and only then the mother earth will be at Peace and worth living for all of us. You may call this feeling Empathy or with some other name. But this state of Mind or Soul is something more than the word "Empathy" or its equivalents connote. If all of us fellow Indians decide to come together on a common platform for once leaving our religion, political affiliations, language, state, caste etc. at home, and with a common cause of creating a strong platform to empower citizens, we really can have INDIA of our dreams. Before we Indians start demanding what government can do for us, we should start thinking what we can do for our country. And so many INDIANS came together last year to form this non political citizen's empowerment movement,  "INDIA Redefined" . Great to have you all as supporters of this movement,  the present and future members of IR ,who care deeply for India! Whose love for India is beyond measurement!

We all want to move India forward! We all want an India which we can really be proud of! Let us not wait for a miracle to happen! Lets not  do  day dreaming! As we know to change India, we have to step up! We have already  realized that we need a movement! A grass roots movement! A social movement which is more about awareness, responsibility and ownership by all of us.There are many pressing social issues which need to be addressed! Many Indians have already done wonderful jobs in addressing many issues! But  that it is still not enough! We have to work with every Indian to make an impact! 

Don't leave governance to people who are not really our representatives,policies to people who do not feel they are accountable to us and please don't leave all the other problems like slums, environment etc to NGOs who struggle without Citizen's support.INDIA Redefined a non political a citizen's empowerment movement creates responsible,empowered citizens.

Help in forming Working Members Committee in your areas,cities, colleges ,nearby villages with people interested in Events organizing, Speakers, Peace and Unity Group.Also help converting the following Speech in any Indian language or local language you know  You can also send the following content to anyone you know in any state if India , who can translate it in their local language or speak about it to others, in groups, Colleges, Rotary, Lions, or any clubs, Linkedin, facebook or any forum or , make flyers, banners, posters, or publish this in local newspaper or can send this to every Indian they know who wants to make India a Happy Country. --------- 


We have left governance to people who are not really our representative, policy to people who do not feel they are accountable to us, and we have left all the other problems like slums, environment etc to NGOs who struggle without Citizen's support – the list can go on and on…

We all talk of various problems in India at home, on facebook walls ,in our drawing rooms, offices, linkedin, etc.– but do little. Part of the reason is that we think that solving these are responsibility of the government, politicians, bureaucracy, economists or NGO's - Anyone but us. 

We are very fond of talking of our RIGHTS but shy away from even talking about our responsibilities as a citizen of the country. Many of us do not even bother to vote and then criticize the people who are elected on vote bank politics.This INERTIA is the root cause of many of our problems and we are partly to be blamed.

So came the idea of INDIA REDEFINED ( – A movement to create responsible and empowered citizens by bringing about "Behavioral Change". 

It is only when we do our duties we shall be empowered to demand our rights. It is by this change in behavior that we can unlock people's potential to be empowered citizens. This will redefine how we think and act as an Indian. …..and that is what INDIA Redefined is about.

So, what is the Vision of INDIA Redefined? It is simply – CREATING A HAPPY INDIA. 

And how can we create a Happy India? 
Most of the ordinary people want to do something for the country, they just don't know how.

The idea is to mobilize these masses and bring them together.

How does INDIA Redefined do it? By giving a structure to this 'Desire to do Something'. By creating an opportunity for them, to achieve small successes in doing something for the society… Something within his resources and available time – a simple successful activity, that would not only be beneficial at a larger scale but also provide the motivation to strive for bigger changes. 

Developing this behavioral change across Indians of all strata, INDIA Redefined plans to tackle problems, leveraging the power of individual.

It is a citizen's empowerment movement - a platform for ordinary citizens by ordinary citizens – each fulfilling his own ISR - Individual Social Responsibility. 

What makes this movement unique or even different? Well, there are many wonderful organizations, NGO, Charities which do a lot of wonderful work - But it never seems to be enough. Most of them work within a context or for a specific cause, that the overall positive effect ….. is lost in the gaps.

One of the biggest reasons is that we have not tapped efficiently into the potential of the individual. INDIA Redefined is a platform for people from different, different social class, having different outlooks and opinions to come together and work towards redefining India. 

That is why INDIA Redefined's vision is created by an amalgamation of different visions that ultimately leads to a HAPPY INDIA.

It is important to understand that we are not affiliated with a single political party or motive. But do not hesitate to work with any and every political party, business houses or NGO for the right cause.

By bringing drops of people together on a common platform INDIA Redefined creates an ocean – Ocean strong enough to make government, politicians, public servants not only accountable but also make each Indian an Awakened Citizen… 

So where is INDIA Redefined today? 

In one year time the membership has already reached more than a lakh. This shows that there are people out there who want to 'do something'…Make a difference. All they need is the platform. 

The idea has not only got support of people but also some– it was adjudged "The Best Humanitarian Initiative" in December 2009

In this long journey of redefining India, we have taken only a few baby steps But then again, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step…

This idea…. Idea of a movement that is trying to tackle most, if not all, social issues and help citizens become empowered by the means of behavioral change, asks you for only one thing – DONATION. Not of MONEY. But of TIME. 

JOIN India Redefined.( )


"India Redefined" is seeking motivated and committed individuals, to work on voluntary basis with Central Advisory Committee and Working Committee of India Redefined movement, who have expertise, passion and skill in any one of the following areas:

1) Information Technology

2) Writing and Communication

3) Events organizing

4) Project conceptualizing and project writing (for participatory projects)

5) Speakers

6) Peace and Unity Group

The person should be able to commit a certain number of hours on a weekly basis and will have to interact closely with key founder members of India Redefined. In due course, some of these people may be made secretaries for the relevant wings of India Redefined organizational structure, based on their involvement.

This is an opportunity for all those who want to create "India of tomorrow" and would like to be actively involved in this nation building exercise being carried out through India Redefined movement.

Interested persons should first Join at and send their Profile or CV at

India Redefined draws its inspiration from Gandhian Movement which was a revolution focused on independence. It was also about specific actions like non- cooperation by citizens. 

We are just trying to apply many Gandhiji's methods in this era, in this society and during these times. Maybe in a different flavor! Maybe the context is different! Maybe it's a different world! But the goal is same! He also wanted India a better place to live in. 

Also need Students support in India Redefined Youth campaign for Green, Clean, Peaceful , United India . 

Youth, studying in colleges are helping to implement "EDUCATE INDIA".

Students who are willing to be part of this movement, take the oath - "I donate" 6 months of my life in training or education, for those who are underprivileged.

Volunteer who want to participate in above activities, please first Join contact on with their college name, address, email and mobile number.

Ranjana Kanti
INDIA Redefined

Tuhin Kumar Dutta 
c/o D.K. Dutta
589,Behind Krishna Cinema
Sadar Bazar Jhansi.

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