Sunday, May 25, 2008

Technology Jargon: Hardware of Computers eg.Monitors

Technology Jargon: Hardware of Computers eg.Monitors
When anyone goes for shopping for LCD monitors how does he know which type of LCD is fit for his/her use.
Liquid Crystal Display’s types:
Do LCD’s differ from each other? Yah, there are four types of LCD Monitors differentiated by the type of matrix.
1. Twisted Nematic (TN)
2. In Plane Switching(IPS)or Super In Plane Switching(SIPS)
3. Multi-domain Vertical Alignment(MVA)
4. Patterned Vertical Alignment (PVA).
Now how these could be differentiated by a common buyer as they are not clearly mentioned in the manufacturing specifications, even though mentioned who’s going to understand except for the experts! All this depends on the way the liquid crystals are aligned.
COST: Which one is light on the pocket and which is heavy.
TN is the cheapest and most of the LCD’s available in the market belong to this class.IPS & SIPS are much costlier than TN.MVA’s cost comes in between the above two. PVA is the modified form of MVA, it costs a little more.
What should we look for in a LCD monitor when buying?
1. We should look for visibility, point shape, pixel sharpness, line resolution, and shape integrity. These are the tests to test the ability of a monitor to work with 3D shapes like cubes, cones, spheres and 2D shapes like triangles, square, and rectangle polygons.
2. Colour rendition ability of an LCD uses a number of tests like colour purity test, shade intensity test, reverse text tests and colour ramp tests. A good LCD should have aces in these tests.
3. Contrast and grayscale tests which checks the ability of LCD’s to produce variations in intensity of a single shade and the ability to display pure whites (255) and blacks (000) shade.
4. The view able angle is another factor which has to be checked. The monitor produces distortion of image and its colours to change when viewed from an angle than straight.

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