Friday, November 27, 2009

Thought or Data in our Brains!

This Universe is big or infininite. But Everything from Earths Rotation to Death of a microscopic living cell is sycncronized into time duration. Everything around the Universe is perfectly programmed. Now the Question arises "What language has programmed these phenomenons? "& Who is the "Programmer". Thoughts of the same kind, Ideas of the same kind and dreams of the same type are seen by people. Some time people get an intution before anything bad happens, some get ideas, they make those ideas into theories and then their theories come to practical experiments and a prototype is created and then finally an "Invention" is born. The Human Brain is a living computer and it recieves and transmits data from Space all around the Universe that's why we should never say that, 'it is not possible' because the things we think is from the data around us, it is the refined data, we don't invent we just re-discover and modify. All those things which have happened on some other habitated planet will happen on Earth again so be positive and always respond to warnings when you- all my fellow habitants of Earth are warned of a Danger to the Planet or one day you will regret that you did not listen to a man whom you thought to be foolish . I never joke on life, life makes a joke of us and we are unable to laugh on that joke!

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The researcher, for life on other planets existence.I believe that life in the universe is the cause of life on Earth. Life in other forms do exist. Those whom we call Gods were Genitic Engineers and of Alien Origin they came here and spread life after life was destroyed on other planet. No smoking, no drinking,like to eat chocolates!