Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Touchtop a QWERTY Ketboard replacement.

The Touchtop is the replacement of a QWERTY Keyboard which uses the touchpad like the "iphone" from Apple. A user can configure the keys according to his needs , choose the language options, select keys for gamming, media usage for playing movies,CAD and various other applications. The keyboard will be on a LCD or LED screen-touchscreen senors will provide the touch out put like a "i phone".People are now getting fanatic about touch and this is the time to replace the manual input device with a touch pad and remove the clutter from the screen and use it just to view the output.

Touchtop a Dual Screen Laptop

My Code7 Windows 7

My Code7 Windows 7

My idea of a Operating system installation medium. We use CD/DVD which on excessive usage becomes scratched and bad sectors appear but if we change the medium to a pendrive it could we used for a long duration of time and piracy could be stoped because the operating sytem will be installed after you provide the valid password and that could be copy protected. Another safty feature which is included is GPS tracker which helps the company to locate the customer and provide coustmer support and monitor the spread of the market. If OS could only run from the Pendrive and after removal the computer only has the storage function then its secure from hacking and data theft as when you take your OS out the computer does start but shows a flashing message that please connect the OS Drive to the system.

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