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Subject: Bihar
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Dear Tuhin Kumar,

This is amazing! Over 20,000 people like you have taken the pledge to support renewable energy (RE). The energy infrastructure of the future is not one based on fossil fuels, but on RE – as that will make us energy secure in the long run, not coal.

Greenpeace launched the Urja Kranti yatra (Energy Revolution tour) in Bihar, which travelled over 1800 kms, spreading awareness about RE. Villages with a population of over 25 lakh are now supporters of RE. The traditional power systems don't deliver any power to these villages – not even in those which are on the grid and are supposed to be electrified.

Their support has resulted in four political parties of the state identifying RE as playing an important role in tackling the state's energy crisis. If we get more people to pledge support to RE, we can help show the importance of RE to all our leaders in the country.

Can you send the email below to your friends and family asking them to pledge their support to RE?

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Thanks a billion!
Brikesh Singh
Greenpeace India

Dear Tuhin Kumar,

Click here to take a pledge for renewable energy
I have just returned from Bihar, where I travelled over 1800 kms, spreading the message of renewable energy (RE). Now there are villages with population of over 25 lakh people supporting RE. These villages have little or no access to electricity.

On 2nd October, 2010 Greenpeace launched the Urja Swaraj yatra from the Gandhi Sevagram in Bhitiharva, west Champaran, - the place where Gandhiji had called for swarajya (independence) in 1916. We met hundreds of village heads, self-help groups, local youth leaders, village people and local entrepreneurs and spoke to them about RE alternatives like solar, biomass and wind.

The idea was to garner support for RE in Bihar and make the political parties take notice of it in their manifestoes during the elections in the state. By signing this pledge you can help add strength to the demands being made by the people in the rural Bihar and also show our leaders the support for RE in the entire country.

Can you also show your support for RE by taking this pledge?


The pledge says: I support clean and green renewable energy.

Four political parties in Bihar have already referred to RE playing a significant role in Bihar's energy plans in their manifestos. This happened mainly due to the support RE got from the people in rural Bihar.

Energy is central to development. This development can be green and clean if we invest in renewable energy.

This kind of energy can power rural Bihar [1] and change people's lives now. The energy revolution might just begin in Bihar!

Take the pledge to support renewable energy now and spread the word.


Thanks a billion!

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Brikesh Singh
Greenpeace India

1. Empowering Bihar http://www.greenpeace.org/india/en/publications/Empowering-Bihar/

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