Monday, October 26, 2009

Indian Currency full proof safty feature.

The safty features which are built now on Indian currency notes are not permanent tney could be still forged, but i have an idea to make it full proof!
The digital copy of any thing is nerly equal to the original or sometime better.
Anything which could be printed could be copied and counterfited.

The idea is to weave it like cloth with nylon fibers having RBI and India marked on the fibers and also embeded bar code on the fibers. Then embed a SIM card of microscopic size which reads out and prints its value in screen and when in a bundel it comples a circuit while counting it with a counting machine and itts authentication is registered, if a counterfit note is present the circut is not complete and a alarm is activated and the counting is stoped and the fake note is removed and a the counting continues and after that the value is displayed and a original note is replaced by the fake and the fake is collected in a box and if this is done all around and in each and every Bank of India, the fake notes will be removed and a complete eradication to forgery.

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