Friday, February 20, 2009

A secret reaveled !

The World is facing a serious problem of terrorism and the threat is increasing with the increase of involvment of technology. GPS Devices, Google Maps, VoIP ,Bluetooth and Wi-Fi tecnologies are being used as wepons of mass destruction. In this new era of science and technology a common man of any country is not as much aware as the negative users of this technology. Two people in this world use these technology for negative applications, one who is a student of technology who tries to experiment with the technology to surprise others or impress his/her friends. While terrorists learn these technological advancements to fulfil their target or aim. But if we give opertunity to the later i.e. students of technology to fight against the terrorist activists we could save a lot of peoples lives, rather than finding faults in our security systems we should try to develop a methodology to think beyond a think tank of a terrorist. All the terrorist organizations are interconnected and has a single administrator a mythological being called "Evil" he helped Adolf Hitler and now he is helping the others around the world, so what should we do? Sit back and start thinking what had happened in the past or get up and save our future as i am see a future of slavery, death, injustice and darkness ,it has spread in pakistan and slowly it will spread around the world if we don't do something, come on lets fight back! Please!

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