Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My WagonR Big Idea contest entry, Please vote for me.

My WagonR Big Idea contest entry, Please vote for me.
Designation: Master of Science.

Industry focus of your idea/plan: Education
Stage of Venture: Concept
Investment Required (Rs. in lakhs): 10000000+
Define the benefit of your idea on your defined customer:
They will be introduced to a world of knowledge via Internet into their class rooms and they will learn with fun.
Big Idea Summary:
Schools with Touchscreen computers for Individual students connected to the Internet with two way video conferencing systems. More students per teacher. SMARTNESS - values Proposition:
This product will give quality work force for the nation this is an investment for the future, if we invest on the education system we can get better industrial profits in the future!
PASSION - Customer and Competition Analysis:
Government, Big Companies like TATA, Reliance as they are going to employee these students who pass out from these school/colleges.
BIG IDEA - Financials:
Yes, much more is need as students are just studying for marks and not for knowledge and work force requires knowledge for profit.
Dealership city name: LUCKNOW
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