Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Previous Mail i Sent was not to continue !

The previous mail was sent to you for awareness, these kind of chain mails are on the net and they occupy the space on the internet and disrupt the passage of important mails, just like the calls on our mobile phones of telemarketing and the bulk of sms which fill our in boxes unnecessarily, junk mails, junk calls and junk sms, what are we doing , many among us would have forwarded such kind of mails daily and few of us among us did the same and some got irritated , my apologies, but i did this purposely as i was fed up as my inbox is filled with such mails and my spam box is filled with 211 spams. We need to stop it now !Please 

Tuhin Kumar Dutta
589,Behind Krishna Cinema
Sadar Bazar
Jhansi.Uttar Pradesh

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