Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would this new economic system look anything like this!

Dear friends of the Psychic & Spiritual Collaboration,
I realize this may not seem like something we would discuss in this forum, but just stay with me for a minute and read on.
What do you want to see for a new economic system where everyone works together, uplifting each other, with trust, and integrity?
Would this new economic system look anything like this:
-An system that realizes that success without fulfillment for everyone involved has no real value -Working with entrepreneurs and companies who work ethically and from their hearts and without greed is what is needed and has a far reaching value -People who realize we are all Souls having a human experience and and we do now leaves a legacy for future generations-People who work for sustainable success in life for the good of all life now and for future generations and our planet is what will will make truly make everyone happy and successful?
People who go through life with a positive mindset, live with integrity, without hate, with joy and appreciation are the "fuel" to achieve these results and understand this especially in times when insecurities and fears are being broadcast everywhere you go. These people are YOU and are the most powerful in making the changes we are striving to see.
Every individual has the power to make this happen NOW. I ask you to begin today by being grateful for the just one thing even if it is just that you can read this and can understand the meaning of these words.
Then to help keep this going, you can also use this free internet tool called that will help you focus on creating positive changes in your life which also then changes the world.
Many people call it the “Spiritual Twitter.” You can find it at Check it out. I know you’ll really benefit from it as it will help you remain focused on your spiritual awakening and gratitude.
Love, light, laughter and in gratitude,Jeannie WhyteSpiritual Life Coach/Certified Matrix Energetics

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