Sunday, November 22, 2009

Toy or Engineer's Model or Prototype

What this model reveals ?
The future of Automobile Tecnhnology, Robotics Tecnhnology and Artificial Intelligence Technology.
Today the development of Electrical Vehicles have much advanced and this could be an advantage by providing each wheel with a seperate motor unit for motion and the "ROBOT" made to transform into a "CAR" could also be possible.
Applications :
The President's Car.
Millitary Vehicles.
Medical Vehicles.
Fire Fighters.
Personal Vehicles.
Less area needed for parking,protection against attack as the robot will be a personal "Body Guard".Low fuel cost as they run on battery power and they go and charge by themselves, no need to look that they are chaged or not!
Then why don't we built these economic machines or they are already on this planet as "NBE" i.e. Non Biological Extraterristrials?

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