Monday, November 9, 2009

My Dream Computing.(Virtualization)

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I have heard news's that every thing in todays world is designed and tested in computers, every mechanical and electronic device is designed in CAD and CAM, they are tested virtually and after assessment they are transfered to the production division . The process have been computerised and automated by the use of robots. 

I was talking about my dream, design a computer hardware inside a computer, assemble it inside the computer and use it inside the computer . Costumization, manupulation and upgradation all virtual. I could sell the computer with its hardware on a network, copy and give it to my friends and they could develop it, and use as many systems i need to for my various works. Like we copy a file iside the coputer, the "Computer" file could be copied and modified by others. 

Then i thought how much 'HardDisk' space would be required and how much 'RAM', will i need a 'GPU' and the last question could i increase the capacity of the Virtual computer more than my physical capacity of hard disk,of RAM how many virtual computers can fit inside the real computer. Then i thought, our brain stores so much information how does it control's the capacity of data and processing, searched my old biology books and found that as we humas grow up the number of neurons inside our brain increases, the size of the head grows and upto a certain age it grows and then ceases, then upto a certain limit the size of the neuron- surface are of neuron grows, then why don't we make computer which grows or the capacity to store data increases without increase in the size of the "Hard Disk" this is only possible if the storage of data  of binary numbers i.e. 0 and 1 that is the voltage dcrease by the facto of 10, example if 0=0.5 eVand 1=1.0 eV. The next time it store data it stores as 0=0.05 eV and 1=0.1eV and further is it possible, is it "Quantum Mechanics" or just a imagination which sprung out of my brain.

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