Saturday, November 7, 2009

Microwave Water Heater

Its onset of winter and i prefer to bath with hot water, today as i was going to put  the "Imersion Rod" to heat the water in my bucket, my eyes went on to look at our new Onida microwave and i thought can we not use it to heat water for bathing, as the "Magnetron" will have to work only for few seconds to heat water upto a certain required temperature. instead of copper or tungsten filament used to heat the water indirect microwave could be used. The only thing to install inside awater heater would be a magnatron . Tlectricity consumtion would be lower because it takes time to heat a metal and in could season its tougher. On the Micro wave water heater set the temperature and in seconds water gets heated in a ceramic container.


Water Heater (geyser)
Solar heater use the same principal as solar radiations are also electromagnetic waves but it is time consuming we could use solar pannels to generate electricity to power the Water heater. Clean Energy -Green Tech!

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